In early 2008, my late husband and I brought home our daughter, having adopted her from Guatemala
after a long, arduous and emotional process. Her presence in our lives, and in our home was, and
continues to be joyful and life changing. Children have a very unique way in which they view and move
in the world that is curbed by society and learning as they grow older. For the first few years of their
lives, their play is unobstructed and their creativity shines. This project, begun when she came home at
11 months, documents her unique vision of, and in the world and the traces that she leaves. The
photographs of Presence were made with two different digital cameras; one, an iPhone and the other
a Panasonic Lumix LX5, though I don’t feel that the type of camera is important to this. The smaller
cameras have allowed a spontaneity necessary to capture the sometimes fleeting subjects.  Print sizes
vary, but ideally are 13 x 19; 16 x 20; or larger depending on the camera with which they were made,
and the quality of the file.